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Wrought iron wall clock and more shopping loot

We have huge walls in the house that I don’t know what to do with. Originally, I wanted framed photos but the girls don’t want their photos on display because when their friends come over, there are the usual jokes about how “Is that really you?” They are even more empathic about not having their baby pictures on the walls of the house.

So, I went for plan B. I downloaded a program for creating mosaics out of all the photos in the hard drive (just like the back wall in the ticketing counter at Eastwood cinema) but I am not so sure if the effect will be good unless the mosaic is large and viewed from a distance. The trick with photo mosaics really is that the images and forms in the photo remain discernible while, at the same time, the mosaic pieces — all individual photos — should be distinct when viewed up close.

Not being sure about what the visual effect will be, I put the mosaic idea aside. I left the walls bare as bare can be and made no other plans until I saw these things in Dapitan yesterday.

casaveneracion.com Jesters wall decor

I bought five and decided they would go on the wall of the second floor corridor. But Sam decided that the two best-looking ones will look great in her room and I am now left with three. I also bought five Mardi Gras style masks (still in their boxes) so, perhaps, the jesters and the masks can all go up on the same wall.

While I procrastinated, Speedy managed to install the wrought iron wall clock that he had to haggle for with full force and intensity. You should watch him haggle. Napaka-bolero — the seller even gave us a perfumed candle set FOR FREE after the negotiations were over.

casaveneracion.com Wrought iron wall clock

We’ve been living in this house for over five months and the only clocks we have are the ones in our computers and cell phones. Oh, and a tiny one in the kitchen (so that school lunches can be cooked and packed on time) and an ugly one in our bathroom. We have a busted cuckoo clock that Speedy says he will fix but it’s been over a year and it’s still busted. I guess it’s only right that Speedy finally bought a wall clock that looks just as good. The wrought iron clock is just lovely with the figure of a chirping bird perched on what appears to be a branch of a tree. And the best part? If one looks at it from the opposite side of the corridor, one can still see the time. See, there are actually two clocks, back to back.

casaveneracion.com Wrought iron wall clock

I love it. Now I don’t have to walk around the house carrying my cell phone. :)

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