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Wreath, garlands and lights

Most of my friends put up their Christmas trees and lanterns almost as soon as Halloween was over but not us. We don’t even have a tree yet. Speedy refused to make a deposit for a fresh fir tree because of what happened last year — S&R dropped the price of the tree from P4,000.00 to P799.00 a week or so after we paid the full price. Excess supply hence the bargain? I don’t know. But Speedy said we might as well wait for the price drop rather than feel cheated again.

So, we don’t have a tree yet. And if we are unable to get a fresh fir tree this year, I’m opting for the white twig tree.

We put up the rest of the Christmas decor today anyhow. There was this lovely wreath with white lilies that I wanted for the front door. I am just so dead tired of the usual designs one finds in department stores.

casaveneracion.com christmas-decor-1

The garlands were supposed to go on the banister of the staircase but we didn’t have enough. I needed 45 feet of garland, only 18 feet were available in the design that I liked, Speedy did not want to put them on the staircase because there would be bald spots. So we used the garland to frame the front door with the lily wreath instead. It worked.

casaveneracion.com christmas-decor-1

There’s Speedy admiring his handiwork. Nice job.

Then, it was time for the icicle curtain lights. We don’t get icicles in the tropics but the lights look pretty anyway.

casaveneracion.com christmas-decor-1

I would have taken photos while Speedy was on that ladder clipping the wires on the window frame but that would have been impossible. And mean. Impossible because I was holding the stairs ladder to make sure it didn’t slide. And mean because Speedy was perspiring profusely. That’s a pretty high window, there’s nothing to hold on to and he doesn’t like heights. But Sam wanted the icicle curtain lights so he put up the icicle curtain lights.

casaveneracion.com christmas-decor-1

Then, it was over. Time to see the effect. He switched it on. I turned off the pendant lamps.

casaveneracion.com christmas-decor-1

And voila!

How did it look from the outside?

casaveneracion.com christmas-decor-1

Pretty good, I think. Although Sam insists the house is still UNDERdecorated. As I write this, she’s making small ribbons that she wants to insert randomly between the flowers on the wreath. I’ll take photos when she’s done.

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