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The wind chimes in the gazebo

There are four remaining areas in the house that are quite unfinished. Structurally, they are complete but they still need to be furnished to be functional. One of these areas is my study/office but it’ll be fully furnished by the middle of the month. Honestly, it should have been a priority considering the amount of time I spend there working.

The second area is the family room. The day I took the photos for the How to eat a sandwich with style entry, I also took these photos of the family room (that was the week when both Sam and Alex were down with a flu-like infection). We really don’t call it “family room”; we call it the Blue Room because of the blue walls, blue door and blue blinds.

casaveneracion.com Family Room

It is a bedroom converted to a TV room and storage area of sorts. There are no furniture — there is only an old mattress on the floor where we sit or lie on when we watch TV. The closets are full of DVDs, VCDs and audio CDs, the TV stand has a collapsed cardboard beneath it to protect the parquet flooring. The boxes contain photo albums which has since been transferred to the closets.

The third unfinished area is the lanai. It has a trellis and Sam wants to plant sampaguita that will climb up the trellis and provide shade over the lanai. The sweet smell of the sampaguita flowers permeating the house isn’t a bad idea either.

The fourth is the garden. It just isn’t the best time to fix the garden with the unpredictable rains. After the Christmas season and before the summer would be the best time to plant, replant and do something about the bald spots where the grass hasn’t grown yet. In the garden is a gazebo which I’d really like to furnish with a few pieces of all-weather furniture. Meanwhile, until we get a full size crate, it is Astro-the-pit-bull’s shelter. Ergo, the only things we can put in there are things that Astro cannot reach and tear to pieces. Like wind chimes.

casaveneracion.com Wind chimes made with capiz

We love wind chimes. Every house we lived in, we had wind chimes. The soothing sounds they make, inharmonic as they may be, are music to my soul. Some people think they are nothing but sources of noise pollution. I say drunken karaoke singing and tricycles are the true sources of noise pollution. Just last night, karaoke singing coming from another side of the hill filtered into the house and I remarked why some people see fit to sing the pasyon when Lent is months and months away.

Anyway, so Speedy has been buying wind chimes. His current Aladdin’s cave are the shops along Dapitan Street in Manila where locally-made crafts are sold at prices much lower than those in malls and tourist areas. That was where he bought the wind chimes made with capiz in the photo above and the chimes made with seashells in the photo below.

casaveneracion.com Wind chimes made with seashells

Those were his most recent buys. Before that, he bought this piece made with bamboo…

casaveneracion.com Bamboo wind chimes

… and this classic piece with metal tubes.

casaveneracion.com Wind chimes

What other pieces he will find, I know he will buy so long as the price is right. I jokingly told him once that I wanted something like the huge wind chimes in the movie Twister. Of course, we don’t have the space for something as large as that but it’s a thought, you know? It’s such a unique design that I was impelled to find out who conceived it. Turns out it isn’t just some so-so piece of film set. It was designed by a sculptor named Evan Lewis. No wonder it was unique.

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