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Why you should choose butter over vegetable oil

Why you should choose butter over vegetable oil | casaveneracion.com

So hard to unlearn and disbelieve a lot of lies we grew up with. Such as, for instance? That animal fat, including butter, is unhealthy so we should stick to vegetable oils. Not true, according to the article “The ugly truth about vegetable oils (and why they should be avoided)” which really makes a lot of sense.

Makes me think of the awful, AWFUL show on The Food Network called Hungry Girl where the fundamental belief is that to eat healthy, it is ideal to use “substitutes” in lieu of natural ingredients to keep the calorie count low. Sugar substitute, egg substitute, dairy substitute… The substitutes are, of course, all non-natural food products. What a screwed perception of healthy cooking and eating.

In the photo: homemade herbed and spiced butter.

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