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Why I want a flatbed scanner

We have so many photo albums because we’ve always been a camera family. And you know how parents are especially when the kids are very young — films and processing were a necessary part of our monthly budget.

Well, photos fade. Even the negatives don’t last that long. For the past so many years — I think as early as the day I bought my first digital camera — I had been planning on getting a flatbed scanner to convert all the girls’ photos in digital format. At least, I wouldn’t worry anymore about discoloration, moisture damage, etcetera. I vow I’ll do that over the Christmas break. And I’ll ask the girls to help.

The old home movies, I don’t worry about anymore. My brother converted the VHS tapes to DVD and we’ve been watching and rewatching movies of Sam and Alex when they were very young. But because there were no high resolution home video cameras a decade ago, screen captures of the converted movies are only clear if kept in small sizes. Meaning? Okay, look at the photos of Sam and Alex below.

Sam winkingAlex Veneracion

Those were taken from videos. Speedy did the screen captures — I still need to figure out how to do that on my Mac. From what I’ve read, Mac’s movie player was so constructed to prevent screen captures. Argh! Anyway, in video format, they fill up the TV screen or the computer monitor. But, as still photos, if I save them in sizes larger than that, they pixellate.

The parents of this generation, you who have young children today, you are so lucky. There are high resolution home video cameras that create movies from which better still photos can be captured.

I can only hope that I will have better luck with the printed photos and the flatbed scanner. If we can finish three albums everyday, we should be able to finish everything in… three months??? Kidding, kidding. But there are A LOT of photos to be scanned, really. And I have a briefcase bulging with the kids’ sketches and paintings, and I want to scan those too. Needless to say, when the job is completed, we’ll have lots of space in the house. See? Not only will we be saving the old photos and art work, it’ll be like a general cleaning too. :)

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