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What Makes a Dish a Salad?

To start with, a salad does not necessarily have to be made exclusively with raw vegetables nor does it always have to include vegetables among the ingredients. Second, a salad does not have to precede the main course. Third, a salad is not always a cold dish.

What Makes a Dish a Salad?

The term salad encompasses a wide array of dishes — from starters to side dishes to main courses to desserts. Most are drizzled with a dressing but the dressing is not always a vinaigrette.

But what makes a dish a salad?

In a nutshell, if the ingredients, cooked or raw, are tossed together but not cooked together after they are tossed, then you have a salad.

As strange as it might sound to many Filipinos, even rice can be a salad ingredient. In fact, rice salads are found across various cuisines — African, Italian, Indian, Asian, Cajun

And, yes, I’ve tried making a rice salad and it was very, very good. Click here for my spicy and tangy beef and rice salad recipe.

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