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What an inverter in a refrigerator can mean in terms of power consumption

The first time I heard of an inverter, it was in relation with air-conditioners. We were planning on converting my study into a home theater, we were discussing air-conditioning and a cousin mentioned inverters. I can’t explain it in very technical terms; I only know that an inverter-equipped air-con unit can mean a lot of savings in terms of power consumption. In a country where power rates are horrendous, we don’t take the term “inverter” lightly.

Looking for a new refrigerator with inverter

The home theater project is at a standstill as it will require a lot of renovation in the house. But the information about inverters turned out to be very, very useful when we started looking around for a new and larger refrigerator. I need a unit with a large compartment for vegetables so that our week-long stock of veggies don’t get squished when forced inside a very limited drawer.

My first choice was a Samsung side-by-side twin-cooling unit. Why Samsung? Primarily because of the price. Samsung is affordable. My second choice is an LG because of its eco-friendly features. But because a new refrigerator is a major buy, we didn’t want to rush. Speedy and I checked out what else is there in the market and we saw the Panasonic NR-BY601VSPH with the “intelligent inverter technology.”

According to the sales agent of Panasonic, it is the only company that sells inverter-equipped refrigerators in the Philippines. I don’t know how accurate that is, you never know with these sales agents who often just want to earn a commission, so we looked around some more.

We were at S&R yesterday and there was a Samsung side-by-side model which, according to the specs posted on it, is also equipped with an inverter. Then, I browsed the web for more information and found an LG model that also has an inverter.

Definitely, we want a unit with an inverter. But whether it’ll be a Samsung, an LG or a Panasonic, we’ll have to study and compare the features some more. And, of course, the price will be a major factor.

UPDATE: We got the LG side-by-side that you can see in the background of the photo below. With inverter. 21 cubic feet. We love it!

We didn’t love the corn rice though.

LG side-by-side ref with inverter