A Cook's Diary

Welcoming the Year of the Rabbit with dumplings!


I am not Chinese but I love Chinese food. A lot. We don’t celebrate the Chinese lunar new year but it is the Year of the Rabbit and I was born on the Year of the Rabbit so I thought it was a good excuse to give in to my craving for dumplings. So, I made siomai (shumai) the other day. And pinsec frito. And, for lunch yesterday, lumpiang shanghai (fried pork spring rolls) which I served with a salad made with homegrown talinum. I’ll tell you about the salad and the talinum in a bit.

Meanwhile, Kiong Hee Huat Tsai! Or Xin Nien Kwai Le! Not Kung Hey Fat Choi? Well, according to an article, it is the wrong greeting for the Chinese lunar new year. Whatever the right or wrong phrase may be, I just want to say Happy Year of the Rabbit.

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