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Welcome to my kitchen!

Note: If you’re wondering what happened to the kitchen we built in 2004, we moved to a new house on July 5, 2008 and this is the kitchen in the new house.

There are people who like to build showcase kitchens just so they can be admired. Many of these kitchens go unused because the dirty job of cooking gets done in an outdoor “dirty kitchen.” That weirds me out really because I don’t understand the point in buying top-of-the-line appliances and installing heavy-duty counter tops and cabinets then let them gather dust. We have a “dirty kitchen” too. But the only part of cooking that gets done there is the washing of used utensils and plates. The cooking gets done in the kitchen.

Let me show you. Let me prove that a kitchen can be BOTH attractive and functional.

It isn’t a huge kitchen by the usual standards. It is about 16 square meters but, for my purposes, it is a complete kitchen — enough work surface, storage and pantry space.

The kitchen island is located in the middle of the kitchen. Surrounding it are the cooking area, the prep sink and an entire wall of cabinets.

The kitchen is one of the busiest, if not the busiest, part of a house. One mistake people make is in thinking that there should be just enough space for the cook. Wrong. You have your fridge in the kitchen and family members are in and out of the kitchen for a cold drink, or hot coffee or a snack. If the cook is working and there is not enough space for the rest of the family to move around, it might be problematic.

These are two-sided hanging cabinets. On the side of the cooking area, I keep sauces, condiments and herbs most often used.

The shelf where I keep the bottles of cooking oil, among other things, is actually designed for a microwave oven. But since I am not a fan of microwave ovens (we gave away ours a long time ago), I have decided to put it to more practical use.

This movable kitchen island has a solid granite top that is ideal for kneading dough. It is also perfect when I make stir fried dishes because I can have all the ingredients lined up without clutter.

The stove of the Elba cooking range we chose has five burners, including a triple-ring burner at the center ideal for wok cooking.

The thermostatic gas oven comes with a grill and rotisserie.

Am not sure if the breakfast counter is part of the kitchen or part of the dining room. I like to think it’s a part of both. Above the breakfast counter are cabinets for breakfast things like coffee mugs and tea cups. It’s the same hanging cabinet you saw above the cooking area. You’re just looking at the series of cabinets from the opposite side.

The breakfast counter is adjacent to the cooking area which makes it convenient to pass on platefuls of food right after cooking.

As with the rest of the kitchen, the breakfast counter has super-easy to clean granite tops.

No part of our kitchen is for ornamental purpose only. In fact, there is a hanging cabinet, originally built to display ornamental plates on stands, which we had to reinforce to make it functional (read the related story with the kitchen renovation photos).

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