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We all know about artificial plants that look so real. This is the opposite.

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We all know about artificial plants that look so real. This is the opposite.

We all know about artificial plants that look so real. This is the opposite. |

One popular interior decorating trick to make a room look more homey is to place potted plants in strategic spots. But because a lot of homeowners are prone to forgetfulness, neglecting to water and trim live plants, some resort to the use of artificial plants.

Personally, I do not like artificial plants, you’ll find none in my house, but I have to admit that the art of artificial plant making has come such a long way that the better-quality ones really look like real plants. The natural sheen of the leaves, the not so uniform growth of the leaves, the bumps in the stems… even the rustic feel can be reproduced artificially. A kind of art, really.

I’ve been so used to seeing real-looking artificial plants that when we found potted plants like this on our table at the Casetta del Divino Zelo, I never really gave them more than a glance, perhaps, subconsciously dismissing them as artificial and, therefore, not deserving of any real attention.

Then, someone from another table started asking the sisters if they were selling the potted plants. One of the sisters said forty pesos per pot, if I heard her correctly and, suddenly, Sam was inspecting the potted plant on our table. I was wide-eyed while I waited for her comments. Yes, they’re real, Sam said. The jagged edges of the leaves? Touch them and you can hurt yourself.

Whoa. Talk about the irony of growing up in a generation so full of artificial things that it’s sometimes hard to distinguish what’s real. I don’t know the name of the plant though. I wish I did.

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