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Waway Restaurant, Legazpi City

Aside from the pili nut delicacies, lunch at Waway Restaurant has got to be the only culinary highlight of our trip to Albay. After a gallon of perspiration at the Cagsaua ruins, we headed to Legazpi City. Our friend, Mabel, who had been to Legazpi City before, recommended the place. Good thing she did because after so much bad food at the Ogma Rest House, we were really craving for a good meal.

casaveneracion.com fried lumpiang ubod

Waway was the nickname of Aling Laura, the original owner who started the restaurant in a small nipa hut in another part of the city in 1967. In its current location, Waway Restaurant is spacious, the airconditioning is a welcome comfort to weary travelers and the bathrooms are clean. The most important part, the food is just glorious — comfort food all the way. Waway Restaurant is quite an institution in Legazpi City, I understand, a status it deserves well because it is everything that a good restaurant should be.

I ordered a piece of fried lumpiang ubod for myself; the rest, we all shared.

casaveneracion.com bulalo soup

We had bulalo soup…

casaveneracion.com Chicharon bulaklak

… chicharon bulaklak, so well-cooked there was no sensation of grease in the mouth…

casaveneracion.com lechon kawali

… lechon kawali, perfectly fried with well-puffed and crisp skin…

casaveneracion.com kare kare

… kare-kare… and there was bistek tagalog and laing. The others were too full to care about dessert but my husband, Speedy, and I each had a halo-halo. We also ordered chicken for takeout so we wouldn’t have to worry about dinner.

There were eight of us — six adults (I count my teenage daughters as adults because they consume food as adults) and two grade school aged children. The bill, including the drinks and takeout, was a little over P1500 — just a little more than what we would have spent had we ordered lunch at the Ogma Rest House which charged P150 per person (see the photos of what we were served for lunch at Ogma).

It was a lovely, lovely lunch, I tell you. And I am making it a point to have at least one meal at Waway on future visits to Legazpi City.

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