Watermelon punch

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It’s a cool day, the girls are back in their condo, it’s time to unwind adult-style. Lunch was something that Speedy and I like (the girls tend to monopolize the choice of meals when they’re home and I’m such an indulgent dolt, so…) — stewed mongo (mung beans) and eggplants with crisp pork cubes a la lechon kawali.

By sunset, I decided to do something with the quarter of watermelon in the fridge. I thought a punch would be nice. But there were only two of us so it’s kinda overkill to serve the drink in a punch bowl. And I wondered if it would still be a punch if it wasn’t served in a punch bowl. So, I checked.

Dictionary.com says that a punch is either “a beverage consisting of wine or spirits mixed with fruit juice, soda, water, milk, or the like, and flavored with sugar, spices, etc.” or “a beverage of two or more fruit juices, sugar, and water, sometimes carbonated.” The punch bowl was not mentioned. So, I’m calling this drink my watermelon punch.

What is my watermelon punch made of? Cubed watermelon, silver tequila, soda water, lemon juice and, for the sweetener, the grape syrup that Speedy made and which I described in some detail in the melon cocktail with grape syrup post.

What a refreshing drink it was! The drink itself didn’t taste of alcohol because the watermelon cubes acted as sponges and absorbed the alcohol taste. The liquid is a perfect balance of sweet and sour with the right proportion between the syrup and lemon juice. If you make this drink and you intend it as a real alcoholic drink, you have to allow some of the watermelon cubes to go into your mouth with every mouthful of liquid. Then, you get just the right effect.

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