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Watermelon and yogurt cooler Watermelon and yogurt cooler

It’s summer in the Northern hemisphere but, here in the tropics, we are smack in the monsoon season. Not that it rains everyday. On the contrary, some days are so warm and humid it’s like summer all year ’round. And nothing beats the heat like a cold drink.

This watermelon and yogurt cooler is a concoction of my daughter, Sam. I just took the photos. Sam did such a wonderful job with the presentation, layering the watermelon puree and yogurt in the glass and arranging a paper umbrella on top. But I was in such a hurry to take photos before the ice melted, I didn’t notice that the umbrella had fallen to the floor (so sorry about that, baby). But with or without the umbrella, the watermelon and yogurt cooler was fantastic. Have to ask Sam to do this more often.

Watermelon and yogurt cooler
Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins
Author: Connie Veneracion
  • seedless watermelon cubed
  • sugar to taste
  • ice
  • plain yogurt
  1. Place the cubed watermelon in the blender. Sprinkle with sugar. Process until liquefied. Add ice and process to crush the ice. Taste and add more sugar, if needed. Stir in some ice cubes, if you like.
  2. To assemble: Pour the watermelon puree into a glass until about a quarter full. Spoon an equal amount yogurt on top of the puree. Top with more watermelon puree. Watermelon and yogurt cooler

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