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Warm colors for the living area

casaveneracion.com Defining sections of a house

Unlike blog themes which I can change just about as often as the mood hits me, changing how a house, or sections of a house, looks is not as easy. It costs money (as against free WordPress themes), it takes time and, in many cases, it’s difficult to get the items you like with the exact specifications that you prefer.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how to define sections of the house, the living and dining areas, by using printed wallpaper in one section and a solid color for the other. Cream wallpaper with orange flowers climbing up a vine were installed in the dining area and, after I saw the effect, that was when I decided that orange walls for the living area would make a great contrast. So, there. I did it. On the right is the living area; on the left, the dining area. A post in neutral off-white separates them.

The wallpaper and the paint, those were the easy parts. Not that the wallpaper installation did not entail headaches but, still, they were the easy parts. For the living area with the orange walls, I wanted off-white curtains to match the furniture upholstery and to contrast with the warm orange of the walls and the dark brown wood of the furniture. But finding the curtain fabrics I wanted was not easy. Curtain fabric has to be at least 60 inches wide for practical reasons. If it’s narrower than that, you’ll need more panels and the cost multiplies. If you’re having the curtains custom made, the cost will be higher too. The width of the windows in the living and dining areas are 62 inches. Two 60-inch wide curtain panels each would not do. They won’t have that soft shirring effect that makes curtains look fluid.

I was lucky to find fabric for the living area curtains that was 117 inches in width. We put up the curtains this morning and took down the bamboo blinds because the mold problem was getting quite nasty (every morning, we’d find dry mold on the upholstery and it’s too much headache already). I really, really love how the play on colors turned out.

casaveneracion.com Orange walls for the living area

We tried removing the cat before I started to take photos but it kept going back. Whatever. That’s as real as things can get. The cats do sleep on the couch quite often. Anyway, there are normally three pots of cacti at the center of the square coffee table but they were getting their sun bath when I took the photos. It’s rare that we get lots of sunshine these days. Mostly, it’s cloudy and rainy. And when we do get a lot of sun, we make the most of it. The cacti get a sun bath, the dogs get their bath…

casaveneracion.com Sheer curtains allow natural light to filter into a room

The photo above was taken from the stairs. If you’re wondering why E.T.‘s head droops that way, well, Astro broke his neck months ago back in the old house.

Now, what about the dining area? Orange curtains that contrast with the creamy wallpaper and, at the same time, complement it because the curtains are in the same shade as the flowers.

casaveneracion.com orange curtains in the same shade as the flowers in the wallpaper

Unlike the curtains in the living area, the orange fabric is only 60 inches in width. I had to use four curtain panels on that window to achieve the same effect as the curtains in the living area.

Now, it’s time to rest. For a while, at least. Speedy will be arriving very soon with a fresh Douglas fir tree. We’re putting up the Christmas tree tonight.

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