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Visualizing our Christmas Eve meal

Visualizing our Christmas Eve meal |

The other Sunday was the final day of the photo shoot for Sam’s portfolio. We had to cook/assemble/plate five different dishes in one afternoon so that she could complete her set of photos. What we came up with turned out to be a teaser trailer of what we had been planning for our Christmas Eve menu — a beautiful spread that won’t require a lot of work and dishes that can be cooked ahead of time.

For the all-night pica-pica, there will be a tray of assorted cold meats and cheeses. Parma ham, salami, pastrami and whatever we can find. For the cheeses, there will be a hard cheese, a soft cheese and a spreadable cheese (probably two or more of each kind). Then, of course, a bowl of olives, a bowl of roasted nuts and fruits. On a side tray, sliced crusty bread and butter.

Vegetable salad with grapes, egg slices, cashew nuts and feta cheese

There will be a salad, of course, that will be a mixture of vegetables (arugula and lettuce, most probably), fruits (grapes, oranges, apples and kiwi), nuts, egg slices and cheese. I will make my special honey-mustard dressing to go with it.

And then, there will be mini-sandwiches or mini toasts and dips/spreads just like last year. One option is stuffed and rolled tortilla cut into slices like the ones in the photo above. The stuffing is a combination of embutido strips, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cheese.

Sliced and rolled spinach tortilla stuffed with meat, vegetables and cheese. Macaroni salad on the side.

What we have yet to figure out are the sweets. Speedy wants fresh fruit salad and fruit cake while the girls want a not-fruit-cake and cookies.

No, it’s not going to be a traditional Filipino Christmas spread but, like most Filipino families, we will be spending the holidays together.

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