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Vinaigrette as a dipping sauce

Sometime between Christmas and New Year, my husband and I went to the SM Megamall Trade Hall where there was Christmas gift bazaar. There was a food stall selling tocino, tapa, longganisa and hotdogs. There were cooked samples and after trying the tocino and hotdogs, we were impressed enough to buy a couple of kilos. I would have blogged about that but I threw away the plastic packaging before I could note down the name. Suffice to say that they came directly from Batangas. And they were really good. But that’s not the really the point.

Before I go to the point, I have to go back a little in time. My husband and his siblings grew up with a habit of dipping their tocino and longganisa in a bowl of vinegar, spicy if available. It’s actually good especially when the longganisa is of the sweet variety. The vinegar makes it less nakakasawa. It’s a habit that my daughters and I acquired.

Sometime between the excesses of Christmas and New Year, we had tocino for dinner. Unfortunately, we had run out of vinegar… vinaigrette from Vieux Chalet

Then, I remembered a bottle of vinaigrette from the Christmas gift basket from Susan Hassig of Vieux Chalet. I asked my daughter Sam to get it plus a couple of saucers.  We opened the bottle of vinaigrette, poured some into the saucers and dipped our tocino in it. What do you know…??? If was fantastic. Like they were really meant to go together.

You know what else I had been doing with the vinaigrette?? Aside from pouring it into my lettuce, of course. Click here to find out.

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