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Vegetarian mushroom balls Vegetarian mushroom balls

Fish balls, squid balls, crab balls, lobster balls… just about every seafood has been made into balls and they proliferate in the market. They are available in every price range and varying levels of quality. In Asia, they are very popular. As street food, they are deep fried and skewered. In food stalls and eateries, they are common toppings for congee and noodle soups. My kids love them, we used to buy them by the bag, frozen, and fry them at home. Personally, because I am allergic to crustaceans, I could only eat fish balls. No squid, crab or lobster prawn for me.

After Sam turned vegetarian, she gave up all those seafood balls. Lucky for her, Speedy found these mushroom balls. Lucky for me too because I love mushrooms and these balls do not contain any crustacean in any form or shape whatsoever. Under usual circumstances, this would have gotten posted in the Almost Vegetarian section, but these mushrooms balls have more going for them aside from being vegetarian-friendly.

They are not expensive at all at PhP140.00 per pack. Vegetarian mushroom balls

These mushrooms balls are made with non-GMO soybean (click here for more about GMOs)… Vegetarian mushroom balls

…they have no additives, the ingredients list is very specific down to the individual seasonings used.

The mushrooms balls can be cooked in a variety of ways. And, the most amazing part, they don’t shrink during cooking.

Where to buy them? Palomi Vegetarian Store, San Marcelino corner Quirino in Manila.

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