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Vegetables and spices that just sprouted in the garden

Growing bird's eye chilies in the garden

We like growing herbs and fruits. And we do grow them in abundance. We have a tamarind tree, a lime tree, a kaffir lime tree, a kalamansi tree and the huge mango tree that was already huge when we moved in. We’ve tried growing vegetables but because they require more tending, we never got into it seriously. Besides, vegetables are available all-year-round, they’re relatively cheap, so, we just buy. And, truth be told, what we do grow, we just kind of allow to grow wild. No tending, not much pruning, if something bears fruit, we pick; otherwise, we let them be. In short, we don’t stress over anything.

Then, last Sunday, Speedy hired a new gardener (we haven’t had one in ages except for a guy who comes in once a month to trim the lawn and prune the trees). After the lawn was mowed and the weeds pulled out, she announced that we have bell peppers, chilies, alugbati (vine spinach) and ginger growing in different parts of the property. Whoa, really?

Well, yes, really — and none of which we planted. They just sprouted.

There’s a bird’s eye chili shrub growing next to a plastic drum near the gate of the service kitchen.

Growing ginger in the garden

There’s ginger growing beside the door of my office that opens to the garden.

Growing alugbati (vine spinach) in the garden

The alugbati grows a few feet from the kaffir lime tree and beside the tarragon.

alugbati (vine spinach) in the garden

Here’s a closer view of the alugbati.

And, by the front door, we have bell pepper (no fruits yet though).

Vegetables and fruits sprouting without human intervention — how often does that happen? These are ORGANIC fruits and vegetables that just landed in our garden. We are FORTUNATE. So, Speedy decided we should seriously start taking care of all these gifts from nowhere. The new gardener is now our regular gardener. She constructed bamboo fences to keep the cats off the ginger. She put up a makeshift trellis for the alugbati to climb up on.

As though all of that is not enough, the seeds from the dates given by our neighbor… Speedy planted them on the chance that they would sprout — and they did!

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