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Vegetable dumplings from the Korean grocery store vegetable-dumpling-soup2

The Korean grocery store outside our village has become so successful that it moved to a bigger place. The downside? Its new location is now about ten instead of three minutes by car.

That Korean grocery store has been our source for a lot of Asian cooking ingredients where they are cheaper compared to regular grocery prices. And the variety is staggering. They have items that aren’t found in big groceries and supermarkets. Like these vegetable dumplings.

With a vegetarian daughter, these dumplings are such a convenience. No sacrificing nutrition either because the dumplings are made with real vegetables. They are sold frozen. Just take enough pieces from the bag for a meal, reseal the bag (we love food bag clips) and return to the freezer. vegetable-dumpling-soup3

There is no need to thaw the dumplings. Just drop them in simmering broth (I like adding green leafy vegetables and fresh mushrooms) and cook until heated through and the skins are transparent. The filling is pre-cooked so there is no need to leave the dumplings in the simmering broth for a long time. Overcooking them will just make the skins soggy. vegetable-dumpling-soup

Are the vegetable dumplings only for the appreciation of vegetarians? Oh, no. Even us omnivores love these vegetable dumplings. They’re really quite good.

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