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Use vinegar to clean surfaces minus the stink

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We’re leaning more and more toward organic solutions at home. Two reasons. They’re safer and they’re cheaper. We’ve experimented a lot from vodka bathroom cleaner to a few other things that often involved vinegar.

It’s no news that vinegar is an effective household cleaner. I’ve used vinegar to clean the microwave and it worked wonderfully. Not too long ago, I tried making an organic mosquito repellent with vinegar and vodka, and although effective against mosquitoes and ants, my daughters complained about the stinky smell that pervaded all over the house. So, Speedy tried something else — cloves, baby oil and alcohol.

But for cleaning countertops, tiles and glass, we keep going back to vinegar. And Speedy has found a way to make most of the stink go away. Yes, citrus peels.

I’ve added citrus peel to my vinegar and vodka insect repellent before, and the stink remained. What did I do wrong? I didn’t use enough peels and I didn’t soak them long enough.

To make citrus peels work to remove the stink from vinegar, they need to soak in the vinegar for two weeks. And you need to use a lot of peels. In the photo, you’re seeing the peel of about ten oranges for a jar of vinegar. Leave it alone for two weeks, away from the sun, then strain. Dilute the strained vinegar with twice as much water, pour into a spray bottle and it’s ready to use.

Note that the vinegary smell will not be eliminated a hundred per cent. However, they will sufficiently remove the acidic edge that makes the nostrils flare in objection.

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