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How To Use Cooking Spray on Squeaky Doors and Windows

A new house is a wonderful thing. When we moved into this house, although not everything was perfect, it was mostly immaculate, and the doors and windows opened and closed smoothly and silently.

How To Use Cooking Spray on Squeaky Doors and Windows

I remember being able to get in and out of the house without a noise. I remember being able to peek into my daughters’ rooms while they slept to kiss them goodnight. I remember how fast it was to close all windows when rain suddenly poured. But years of summer dust, monsoon rains, typhoons, storms and extreme humidity have taken their toll.

How To Use Cooking Spray on Squeaky Doors and Windows

Nine years later, some windows are stuck. Opening and closing doors could wake up the dead. And that was especially true with the door to my home office. Oh, my goodness. The awful sound it made. It was annoying but I could live with it.

Then, a few days ago, I decided to update the long-languishing home and garden section of the blog. It’s been long overdue. I browsed the web for inspiration and found lots of articles about the non-food uses of everyday food. And that was the inspiration I was looking for. I decided that I’d try some of those tips. There are already a dozen articles about non-food uses of food in the archive, after all. Why not add some more?

The squeaky door of my home office became the first project of the revitalized home and garden section. How did I get rid of the noise? Cooking spray. I read about it on AOL.

How To Use Cooking Spray on Squeaky Doors and Windows

Because the girls and I bake, we always keep a canister of cooking spray in the kitchen. It’s less messy to use than brushing oil on baking pans. It comes out cheaper too because a canister lasts several months. And the most important thing? Because cooking spray leaves only a mist on the surface of the baking pan, there’s no danger than cakes or cupcakes or muffins will get soaked in oil as they bake.

How To Use Cooking Spray on Squeaky Doors and Windows

So, I took the cooking spray, directed the nozzle on a door hinge and pressed. Okay, I overdid it. I didn’t make the same mistake with the other two hinges. Just a little spray should to it.

After blasting oil on the hinges, I swung the door back and forth several times until the squeaking was gone.

I used tissue to wipe the hinges and all other areas where the oil splattered. If I hadn’t done that, over time, dust will accumulate on the oily surfaces and become grime. So, I wiped. And wiped. And wiped.

Okay, so cooking spray works on squeaky door hinges. No reason why it shouldn’t do the same magic on window hinges. But before I go spraying window hinges in the house, I take note that there are claims out there that cooking spray is a no-no for squeaky doors. “Gunked up” and “gum up” are some of the dangers pointed to.

If there’s a build-up in the hinges of my home office door over time and the hinges stop working properly, I will document it here. I will give the door a few months. If the door hinges are fine, I’ll spray the window hinges next.

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