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Uramaki: homemade, naturally

Sushi is rice seasoned with rice vinegar and topped with seafood or vegetables or both. When sushi is rolled with nori (dried seaweed), it is makizushi. When the nori is inside rather than outside in a rolled sushi, it is uramaki.

The uramaki in the photo was made by my daughter, Sam. She’s not a culinary student, she’s never taken formal culinary lessons but she’s so creative in the kitchen that there was a time when I thought she would take up culinary arts and become a chef. But her heart is in photography so she’s taking up a bachelor’s degree in photography.

Once in a while though, when she has the time and she’s in the mood, she plays chef. Like tonight. Or, rather, last night. Close to midnight. She made the uramaki all by herself. They were delicious. I especially loved that she added toasted sesame seeds. I forgot to tell her that we have black sesame seeds — if she had used them, the colors would be even more fantastic. Next time, I won’t forget to show her where the black sesame seeds are.

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