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UCC Vienna Cafe

Last Tuesday, my brother-in-law Buddy threw a birthday dinner at Conti’s in Greenhills. We left the house early thinking we could beat the rush hour traffic. We did, actually, and we were in Greenhills at 5.30 or one hour before the agreed time. Conti’s, along Connecticut Street, is not exactly within walking distance of the shopping center and we weren’t about to give up our parking slot so we could spend an hour gawking at flea market items. Waiting in the car did not seem like a good idea either. Why not coffee and pastries at nearby UCC Vienna Cafe instead?

casaveneracion.com cappuccino

Whichever coffee shop we go to, I always order a cappuccino. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t. So, it was cappuccino (P139.00) for me, a cup of the house blend (P79.00) for Speedy and mocha coolers (P115.00 each) for Sam and Alex.

casaveneracion.com mocha cooler

The coffee was good but the pastries were even better.

Because we went to UCC Vienna Cafe just to kill time and not really to gorge on pastries, Speedy and I decided to order and share a single piece of Toblerone mousse (P155.00).

casaveneracion.com Toblerone mousse

It was okay but the texture did not impress me. The center was soft but not creamy which could mean 1) gelatin was added OR 2) it contained melted marshmallows. Whichever it was, despite the wonderful flavor of the chocolate, I couldn’t really rave about the Toblerone mousse.

The pastries that the girls ordered were the real winners.

casaveneracion.com Oreo cheesecake

Alex’s Oreo cheesecake bar (P89.00) was thick, creamy, smooth and just sweet enough to titillate the taste buds. We used to think that only Starbucks had Oreo cheesecake but we all agreed that UCC Vienna Cafe’s Oreo cheesecake was loads better than Starbucks’.

casaveneracion.com Kitkat mousse

The star of the night was Sam’s Kitkat mousse (P185.00). It was everything that a mousse should be — rich, thick, creamy and unabashedly decadent. It was glorious!

Although we were tempted to try other items on the menu which, except for the coffee and the sweets, was decidedly Japanese, we had to restrain ourselves because we were, after all, going to a birthday dinner. Good thing though that we decided to have snacks at UCC Vienna Cafe. We had to wait in line to be seated at Conti’s and it wasn’t until 8.00 p.m. that we were finally able to get a table. But that’s another story.

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