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Ube – macapuno dessert

After being duped by fake macapuno sold in supermarkets, my husband came home a few days ago with the real thing–authentic macapuno balls. Then, today, one of his co-workers arrived from a business trip in Baguio with a jar of Tamtanco’s ube halaya (purple yam jam). I don’t know what got into me but I suddenly thought of an ube “nest” with macapuno balls for “eggs”.

casaveneracion.com ube (purple yam) jam and macapuno balls

Combining ube with macapuno for dessert is, of course, nothing new. It’s been done with cakes, ice cream, pastillas… but I haven’t seen ube and macapuno served the way I envisioned it inside my head. I must admit that the result was rather too sweet. As I was eating, I was telling my husband that what it needed was crisp pinipig on top for color, texture and to cut the sweetness. Next time… :)

Oh, and before I end this entry… sorry about the comment box. I temporarily turned commenting off after a heavy SPAM attack yesterday. I’ll try to get everything back to normal by next week.

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