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Turmeric (yellow ginger)

Turmeric (yellow ginger) |

One of the five spices that make up yellow curry paste or powder, turmeric (also called yellow ginger and curcumin) is often used to add a deep yellow color to dishes. It is more than a coloring agent though since it imparts a distinct peppery flavor of its own. Unpeeled, it looks like a small ginger. Peeled, the flesh is a deep yellow (almost orange) in color. Fresh turmeric is prepared in much the same way as ginger. It is peeled then ground (traditionally, with a mortar and pestle) before it is added to food.

Recipes with tumeric:

Turmeric-flavored congee with poached egg and bacon strips
Baked talakitok (trevally), mango and tomato salad, and turmeric-coconut rice
How to make mustard (yellow sauce)
Lamb biryani
Java rice

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