Tri-colored cake with chocolate glaze Tri-colored cake with chocolate glaze

Sometimes, it’s not how many cake recipes you know but, rather, how versatile a basic cake recipe is that you can make a dozen different things with it. It’s like having a good homemade broth formula. When you have good broth, the sky’s the limit as to how many soup recipes you can create.

It’s the same with baking recipes. Take the basic butter cake recipe, for instance. I’ve baked three very different things with it — the celebration cake, the vanilla streusel cupcakes and the jam-filled cupcakes. And now I add another.

This tri-colored cake looks similar to the celebration cake but the technique to create the three stripes is more similar to the procedure for making the zebra cake. Maybe I should also mention that the zebra cake recipe is just as versatile that I made two variations — the rainbow cake and the eye-candy cake with chocolate ganache. Tri-colored cake with chocolate glaze

So how to make this cake… First, make the batter using the basic butter cake recipe. Then, divide the batter into three portions. Tint one portion with whatever color you like, tint the second portion with another color that you like and leave the third portion untinted.

Then, you pour the untinted portion into the baking pan. You pour the second portion directly at the center of the first portion and, finally, you pour the third portion directly at the center of the second portion. You bake it and the cake comes out with three stripes like that.

And the glaze? I’d have used ganache but we still haven’t replenished our stock of baking chocolate so I had to make do with about a cup of powdered sugar, about a quarter cup of cocoa powder and about three tablespoonfuls of milk. Just mix together until smooth and pourable. If too stiff, add more milk, a few drops at a time, and mix. Then pour over the cooled cake and presto!

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