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Toss Cooked Pasta in Leftover Stew

Toss Cooked Pasta in Leftover Stew |

For many of us who cook up a storm over the holidays, we spend the first week or so of the New Year consuming leftovers from our holiday feasts. If meat stew was part of your holiday menu, you might find yourself staring at a lot of flavorful sauce. In the Philippines where tomato-based stews are popular, the leftover sauce might be from a pot of afritada, kaldereta or menudo.

Will you throw away the sauce? Wasteful, right? Why not toss cooked pasta in leftover stew? Just throw in the pasta and toss? Well, if there are bones in the stew, fish them out first and discard. In fact, remove anything that will make your pasta look like the recycled dish that it is. 

The pasta dish in the photos was the result of recycling a dish twice. Yes, TWICE. I cooked a tomato-based stew and there was leftover sauce. I browned bacon and chicken cubes, stirred them into the sauce, added carrot cubes and I had a new stew. When we didn’t finish the second stew, I put the leftover in the fridge and, the next day, I cooked pasta and tossed it with the reheated leftover recycled stew.

The lesson? Never waste a good sauce. Add cooked pasta to leftover sauce from a tomato-based stew and you have a brand new noodle dish that’s ready in no time. All you have to do is boil the pasta, reheat the sauce and add a few extras.

Toss Cooked Pasta in Leftover Stew

How long does that take anyway? Depending on the shape and size of the noodles, a minimum of ten minutes and a maximum of twenty minutes. Reheat the sauce in another pan while the pasta cooks. Then, sprinkle in some chopped fresh parsley, toss everything together, add as much grated cheese as you like and enjoy your meal.

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