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Too much talk about gods and artifacts

More than one reader has e-mailed me with a happy note that I seem to be returning to political writing. Not really. It’s sort of a breather. For weeks, talk in the house has been centered on history and mythology and, sometimes, I yearn to talk and write about something different. So, no, I’m not gearing up for a return to political writing in time for the 2010 elections.

History and mythology? Yes, both of which I enjoy and both of which my daughters are deep into. Partly because those are part of their school lessons but also partly out of curiosity and personal interest. They’ve really gone beyond school lessons. Way, way beyond. We’re buying mythology and history books quite heavily and I’m enjoying the discussions as much as they are.

Like yesterday, we were on our way out to watch “Eagle Eye”. Speedy was already waiting for us in the car and the three of us were in the living room putting on our shoes AND discussing Greek and Roman mythology. They lost me when they started debating about how Cupid died. I didn’t even know Cupid died. And there was this question about whether Homer’s Iliad is part of Greek mythology. I was of the opinion that it borrows heavily from Greek mythology but is not, strictly speaking, mythology. But, anyway…

A few months ago, I wrote about how Alex’s love for manga has introduced her to Oriental mythology. She’s talking about Chinese mythological characters that I only heard once or twice in college. It’s gotten really serious. Serious enough for her to rethink about what course to take up in college. She still wants to become a multi-media artist but now she also wants to learn languages — not for employment value but because she wants to be able to read ancient writings. She’s been asking if there are courses in ancient languages. She’s also been asking about archeology and anthropology. What do ancient languages, archeology and anthropology have to do with mythology? Oh, come on. Archeological evidence is an important source of details of mythology. Figures in artifacts, references in ancient writings…

I’m proud of her. Happy, really. Even before she said so herself, I already understood that her interest in becoming a multi-media artist has nothing to do with what’s in demand in the job market. She’s not interested in working in the advertising industry, for instance. She wants to satisfy her creative side, is all. And I think that’s good because I know that she will always give more importance to what she is passionate about rather than what is profitable. Now, with all this talk about archeology and anthropology, I am even more sure that, with her, passion will always be ahead of profitability.

Am I being remiss in not insisting that she be more practical and take up a course that will make her uber employable and more likely to get paid better? Gee, I might as well insist that she take up nursing or some IT course. But that’s not her. I want her to always believe in herself and to have that chance to do what makes her happy. If a combination of arts, ancient languages, archeology and anthropology will fulfill her as a person, I’m the leader of the cheering squad.

So, you see, if I don’t write about politics here and there, and just go on doing “The Mommy Journals”, the moment I start writing about my girls, I’d probably end up getting wrapped up in history and mythology. Would you really like to read about Izanagi and Izanami instead? :razz:

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