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Today’s breakfast: Budong malunggay pan de sal and Hill Station’s Pinoy caviar Budong malunggay pan de sal and Hill Station's Pinoy caviar

Been sick for the past few days. Some kind of flu aggravated by allergies. It was bad enough that there were so many things I couldn’t eat. It was even worse that among the few things I could eat, nothing tasted right — everything tasted like cardboard. Today, for the first time in so many days, I felt like having breakfast. A little indulgence was in order.

Speedy discovered Budong malunggay pan de sal a few weeks ago. The brand seems to have its origin in Mandaue City, Cebu, although I can’t assert that Budong invented malunggay pan de sal. I’ve been seeing malunggay pan de sal for years, sold under different brands, some were good and others were totally forgettable. Budong malunggay pan de sal, now available in our corner of suburbia (whether through branching or franchising, I have no idea), is quite good. Crusty outside, soft inside.

I was going to have a few pieces of Budong malunggay pan de sale with butter for breakfast when I decided to open the last jar we bought from Casa Vallejo’s Hill Station in Baguio. Pinoy Caviar, fish roe in olive oil. Hill Station's Pinoy caviar

I split a pan de sal, spread the halves with some butter then added a teaspoonful of fish roe. So simple. So delicious. So indulgent. I don’t remember having breakfast this good in a long time. Of course, it helps that my taste buds are on the way back to being normal.

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