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Tired of watering and mowing your lawn? Replace the grass with peanut.

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Tired of watering and mowing your lawn? Replace the grass with peanut. Ornamental perennial peanut

The rainy season is finally upon us ending a long, hot and terribly humid summer. The grass in the garden and by the front door is a lush green again. But Speedy has other plans. He bought ornamental peanut and has started to replace the grass by the front door.

Peanut? What peanut? That peanut in the photo. It’s a perennial plant that grows like grass but isn’t really grass. It’s categorized as a creeping ground cover. It’s very cheap, it is drought-resistant and it only requires mowing once a year so that it continues to bloom. In short, practically maintenance free. There is a caveat, though.

Because ornamental peanut is not grass, it cannot handle foot traffic. It’s pretty to look at but those yellow flowers are really a sign that says “Keep off!”

Ergo, for outdoor areas that don’t get foot traffic, ornamental peanut is ideal. But for areas where you have your barbecue parties, stay with real grass. Speedy planted peanut only by the front door, not in the garden.

A tip if you’re replacing your grass with peanut. Strip off the grass completely before planting peanut. Dig and remove the grass all the way to the roots. Some sites say you can use chemicals to kill the grass but that’s not something I’d recommend because chemicals will affect the soil. A good old shovel and rake will do the job well.

How cheap is peanut? Well, in our corner of Philippine suburbia, 10 pesos, I think for small pot. You don’t really need a lot because peanut propagates fast anyway. Buy a few, plant where you want to replace the grass, sit back and watch the little yellow flowers grow and multiply.

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