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Tikoy (nian gao) and cheese turon (fried spring rolls)

Tikoy (nian gao) and cheese turon (fried spring rolls) |

Here’s a great way to use all that tikoy from the Chinese New Year. Yes, as turon filling! The combination of tikoy and cheese as turon filling might sound weird but it is good-weird, believe me. Sweet and salty and everything gooey with every bite.

For non-Filipinos, turon is a fried sweet (as opposed to savory) spring roll. The traditional fillings include saba banana and sweetened boiled and mashed mung beans, but more and more varieties are coming out everyday. A very good thing, really.

How to make tikoy and cheese turon? Just follow these steps:

Cut the tikoy and cheese into strips of equal size.

Place a strip of tikoy and a strip of cheese on a spring roll wrapper and wrap (see how to wrap spring rolls).

Fry the turon in batches (see frying tips).

And that’s it! Enjoy the turon while hot and the tikoy and cheese are gooey.

A big thanks to Toni of Wifely Steps for the recipe.

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