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Tie-dye: how Sam spruced up old t-shirts

At around 4 p.m. on Sunday, Sam asked me what kind of dye is used for tie-dying. How would I know? I wasn’t even familiar with the term “tie-dye.”

I searched Google, discovered that tie-dye is a process of creating patterns on clothes and I remembered that this was an activity that both Sam and Alex did in pre-school.

“Jobos” was what she needed. I’m not sure if that’s how it’s spelled but “jobos” is what we call cheap packets of powdered dye that is dissolved in hot water. Since Speedy and Alex were already in the bookstore for school supplies, I told Sam to text her father because “jobos” can be bought from the art section of the bookstore.

Let’s cut the story short, shall we? I’m too excited to show you what Sam did.

Tie-dye: how Sam spruced up old t-shirts

She was actually looking for a plain white t-shirt to work with, I didn’t have any, so she settled for her old P.E. t-shirt. You can see the school logo if you look hard enough. Pretty good!

But, of course, Sam being Sam, with her adrenalin pumping, she couldn’t stop after one t-shirt. She found another old white t-shirt, tie-dyed it, started to really enjoy herself and asked her father to take off the t-shirt that he was wearing so she could tie-dye it too. Speedy refused but went through the pile of newly-laundered clothes and handed Sam two more old white t-shirts. Sam had four colorful shirts by the time she ran out of dye. I promised her we’d buy more dye and NEW plain white t-shirts and they’d all be ready when she comes home next weekend.

Could we also prepare one of the Monobloc tables for her too, she asked. Sure, my dear, I replied. I just love it when she gets creative.

And, next weekend, I’ll take photos of the whole process — from the tying to the dipping including how she works with all those different colors.