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The third reincarnation of the room that overlooks the garden

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When you move into a house, do you use every part according to how each was originally intended in the floor plan? We don’t.

In the original plan of this house, the room that overlooks the garden was designed as a bedroom. It used to be Speedy’s and mine. Then, I moved my office / study from the second floor to the ground floor, Speedy and I occupied one of the upstairs bedroom, and that room overlooking the garden became my domain.

It stayed that way for a couple of months until I decided that the dining area had to be relocated to a part of the house with better natural lighting so I could take better food photos. I moved my study out of that room beside the garden, had the walls of room painted all white, installed sheer white curtains, and then we moved all the dining stuff in there. And it stayed like that for another couple of months.

Then, I realized that I didn’t want my study area to be too near where everyone watched TV. And we moved the furniture around again. It’s a bit hard to relate everything we did, suffice to say that the only areas that remained untouched on the ground floor were the bathroom, the powder room and the kitchen. If those three places didn’t have plumbing stuff, we probably would have reassigned them too. But, well, we have to draw the line somewhere when the itch to make the furniture do a rigodon hits hard.

To make a long story short, that room overlooking the garden is now the family room. And watching TV in the new family room has never been so good. In fact, it’s so snuggly in there that I kind of hear the sofa calling to me in the middle of the day, telling me to stretch out and… okay, most times, I fall asleep. Not bad at all for someone like me who struggles hard to fall asleep.

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