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Things I found in Dapitan: home decor items at really cheap prices dapitan-flea-market

We spent a few hours at the Dapitan Flea Market yesterday. Yep, same place where we bought the back-to-back clock with the little bird, the antique-looking clock now in the living room, the decor for the Christmas tree, the lily wreath and the garlands that lined the staircase at Christmas, among other things. But we were there yesterday to take photos, primarily, and not really to buy anything. It was Easter Sunday, some of the stalls were closed but Sam and I had a great time browsing through the beautiful home decor and accessories.

The first things I saw were the wood bowls and plates. I really love these things — I have one at home, larger than what you see in the photo, that I filled with marble eggs. You’ll find similar items in malls and tourist souvenir shops, no doubt, but in Dapitan, you can get them for a fraction of the price. The items in the photo above are priced from PhP25.00 to PhP50.00.

But there’s really no need to agree to the price first quoted. In Asia, it is customary to haggle. And you have the edge if there is more than one store or stall selling similar items. dapitan-flea-market2

Across the street from where I took the photo above, more wooden bowls and plates were on sale and they literally filled the sidewalk. dapitan-flea-market3

But, like I said, we were there to take photos, so I put my mind on ignore mode. Hard to do but, heck, we don’t need more stuff in the house right now.

So, Sam and I walked some more, looking for interesting things and remembering the ones that we can buy at a later time when we have uncluttered the house and have space for new clutter. Heck, that sounds bad. Almost hoarder-like. But, anyway… dapitan-flea-market4

Sam adored this trio of African statuettes. dapitan-flea-market5

I wanted these oven oven-proof ramekins, the oval ones. Only PhP25.00 per piece. But I already have similar ramekins (round though) and I really don’t need more. So, ignore mode again. dapitan-flea-market6

These painted ceramic balls would be interesting accent pieces. But I don’t do accent pieces, so, never mind. dapitan-flea-market7

Ah, these bookends with horses’ heads. If the workmanship were a little better, I wouldn’t mind buying them. But there were rough spots and that made them less attractive to me. dapitan-flea-market8

The stall we spent the longest time in had plates in different colors and designs. dapitan-flea-market9

But the thing about buying ceramic plates in a flea market is that you have to really scrutinize each piece. The reason they are priced so cheaply is because they are considered Class “B” items. Some would have less than perfect glazing, some would have a nick here and there while others may have more than a few superficial scratches. None of the bowls and plates I inspected was flawless. That means wait until the stocks are replenished then go back. In a few months, when the summer is over and the heat is less punishing, we will go back.

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