There’s nothing like loose tea leaves for a real tea experience

There’s nothing like loose tea leaves for a real tea experience | casaveneracion.com

If you’re a long time reader, you’d know that those who drink tea in my family prefer loose leaf tea over teabags. It’s something from my childhood. When my father introduced me to tea-drinking, what he gave me was a brew made from dried tea leaves bought in Chinatown. That was how I introduced my own daughters to tea. By the time they were old enough to enjoy tea, loose tea leaves could be bought from Chinese deli stores outside of Chinatown.

But the thing about introducing children to premium tea is that they will never feel happy with preservative-laden tea in bags with all the appurtenant artificial flavorings. So, when we run out of tea and can’t make the trip to Chinese stores in the metro area, my younger daughter, Alex, asks friends who go on trips to China to bring home real tea. But how often do her friends go to China? Once a year, sometimes, even less frequently.

When I received an e-mail from Teavivre asking if I was interested in receiving samples, I checked the company website to make sure it was legit. Teavivre is more than legit — it adheres to very high quality standards. Even its marketing people are so unlike others who take the position that sending over free samples entitle them to a glowing review. Teavivre never asked for a review (that’s class and good ethics). It was I told them that I would happily share my Teavivre experience with my readers because I was very, very impressed with Teavivre tea. I’m like that when I impressed and when I don’t feel offended by pushy marketers.

What exactly was I impressed with? First, note that Teavivre has a long list of tea products but I opted to receive green tea only. I received five of the 27 green tea products that are currently on the list.

Teavivre's Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea

The Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea is my favorite. Alex loves it too. If you think that jasmine tea in bags is aromatic, you should try the real thing. Nothing — nothing — compares to premium jasmine tea. And jasmine green tea is lightyears away from the jasmine tea in bags which is often a mixture of jasmine and black tea. Jasmine green tea is milder in flavor and so sweet-smelling.

Teavivre's Premium Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea

My second favorite is the Premium Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea. It’s green tea and nothing else — the best way to enjoy the purity of tea.

Teavivre ships worldwide.


Note that I don’t add milk, cream nor sugar to my cup of tea although I sometimes add herbs — mint leaves, especially — and slices of lemon or lime. My daughters prefer Indian-style milk tea and they are really good at making it — so good that I never learned to make milk tea because I just rely on them to make some for me.

If you want a more detailed discussion of the drying process of tea leaves (why there is white, green and black tea, and why green tea give the most health benefits) read tea, herbal tea, infusion and tisane.

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