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The Tagaytay trip part 1: La Trobada

We spent three days in Tagaytay last week. For better context, perhaps, you should start by reading this. On the first day, after checking into the hotel, we had a late lunch at La Trobada Restaurant. No, not upon anyone’s recommendation. It was a totally unfamiliar restaurant but I wanted bulalo and La Trobada sat on a great location overlooking the Taal lake and volcano. So, we went there.

casaveneracion.com La Trobada Restaurant, Tagaytay City

casaveneracion.com nipa huts, La Trobada Restaurant, Tagaytay City

I would have chosen to dine in one of those huts but it was a wet and foggy day so we proceeded to the main dining area. Now, it was an open and elevated dining area with one side facing Taal Lake. But the fog was really bad and visibility was even worse. So, instead of taking photos of the volcano while waiting for our food, we started taking photos of one another and of just about everything that had an interesting shape or composition in the dining area.

casaveneracion.com Connie Veneracion

casaveneracion.com green tea

casaveneracion.com Sam Veneracion

When we chose the dishes, we did ask for how many persons each serving was. The waiter said four. So, we went ahead and ordered bulalo soup, sisig ang sizzling squid. I should have asked more prying questions. It turned out that the bulalo alone, good for four, was enough for an entire meal for four. We ordered too much and we had leftovers.

Below is the bulalo soup. How was it? Not bad. Nothing outstanding either. The usual. The shank was very meaty and had we not ordered anything else it would have sufficed for a meal. But the meat wasn’t as tender as we prefer. With really good bulalo, the meat should be so tender that it separates from the bone when lifted from the broth.

casaveneracion.com bulalo soup

The sisig, below, was okay as well but, again, nothing spectacular. We’ve had much better sisig, notably at the Niagara Hills Restaurant along Sumulong Highway right here in Antipolo.

casaveneracion.com Speedy and Alex Veneracion

As is always his role when we eat out, my husband Speedy was in charge of cutting the meat from the bulalo soup and filling everyone’s soup bowl with broth, meat and vegetables. Below, stirring the raw egg into the sisig.

casaveneracion.com sisig

I cannot say anything about the sizzling squid, below, because I didn’t touch it. Allergy. But Sam seemed to have enjoyed it.

casaveneracion.com sizzling squid

The bill was a little over PhP1,000.00. Not cheap considering the food was rather ordinary, but pretty reasonable if we consider the size of the servings. Because it was already around 3.30 p.m. when we finally finished our late lunch, we skipped dinner altogether. However, we did go to Bag of Beans for dessert and coffee at around 5.00 p.m. But that is another story. A beautiful one at that. I’ll tell you about it in the next post. 

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