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The smart way to recycle stir fried dishes Spicy mung bean spring rolls

Asians know that stir fries are best eaten within minutes after they are cooked when the vegetables are lightly crisp and all the colors are bright. We know too that stir fried dishes — especially vegetable stir fries — don’t take to reheating well as everything almost always turn out soggy and it doesn’t matter whether the reheating is done in the microwave, a steamer or on a frying pan.

But there are times when we do have leftover stir fries. Does that mean we should just resign ourselves to a soggy meal? No, not at all. Leftover stir fries make wonderful filling for fried spring rolls. And the best part? The spring rolls don’t have the look and taste of leftovers. Spicy mung bean spring rolls

Tip #1: When your store the leftover stir fry in the fridge, put it in a strainer then place a bowl underneath to catch the drippings. Cover the strainer with foil or cling film. Better yet, if you have room in your fridge, use a large container with a snug lig. Put the bowl in, place the strainer with the stir fry over it, snap on the lid and put in the fridge. Spicy mung bean spring rolls

Tip #2: If the stir fried dish has rather large pieces in it that will make wrapping problematic, chop everything up. Not to a mush, you still want to retain some texture in the filling, but make everything small enough to make wrapping easier. Spicy mung bean spring rolls

Tip #3. Do not reheat the leftover stir fry. The point in making spring rolls out of them is to avoid heating them for too long. Wrap the cold filling in spring roll wrappers, fry in hot oil and, by the time the wrappers are golden brown, the filling would be hot but not soggy.

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