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The right grass for a lawn in a tropical garden

Yesterday, after getting a much needed haircut, I passed by a couple of garden landscapers in preparation for the much delayed garden project. We have bluegrass and I’m not so happy with it.

casaveneracion.com lawn with bluegrass

It came with the landscaped garden and we weren’t really planning on overhauling anything except that there is a portion of the garden that is lower than the rest where the soil had been dug to provide extra parking space. As a result, that portion of the garden, originally part of the lawn, is sans grass. Well, we’re not parking any car in the garden so we went about leveling the area and planting bluegrass. Shucks, bluegrass grows oh, so slowly, and the only way I can describe the texture is to liken it to the thinning hair of an aging man who is on the verge of turning bald. Nothing personal against bald and balding readers.

Anyway, so I went to some garden landscapers yesterday and, as I feared, they didn’t give me too many options. Apparently garden landscapers in the Philippines offer only three kinds of lawn grass — carabao grass, bermuda grass and bluegrass. I hate bermuda grass because the blades are stiff and spiky and I like sitting on the grass so it’s not an option.

casaveneracion.com garden lawn with carabao grass

Carabao grass is soft, propagates fast but the irony is that when we had carabao grass in the old house, I wanted to replace it with bluegrass. Why? Because we have pets. If cat or dog poop gets on the grass, it’s hard to find and scoop up. In fact, when something smelled, it was like hide-and-seek. With grass with thinner blades, like bluegrass, finding the smelly culprit won’t be as difficult. So I wanted to replace the carabao grass with bluegrass. I didn’t and, on hindsight, it seems to have been the wise decision considering how I’m hating bluegrass right now.

The funny thing is that what landscapers refer to as bluegrass might not even be real bluegrass (real blugrass only grows in cold climate) but any of several varieties of zoysia grass.

The decision? Find the specie of zoysia grass used on golf courses — the kind that makes a beautiful green carpet but can take a lot of foot traffic. It’s either that or plant jutes. That’s “grass” too.

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