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The pops that became stuffed cookies

Pops are cakes or cookies on sticks. You’ve probably seen them in bake shops and candy stores. They are very popular gift items especially during Valentine’s Day. You know, heart shaped cookies covered in red frosting with piped text that say a dozen different messages. They’re fun to eat but it’s even more fun to make them. Children will especially enjoy the activity since the way to make pops really come alive is to decorate them with frosting, melted chocolate or melted colored candies.

So, last weekend, Sam and I were going to make some pops. We have a Wilton silicone pop pan which we bought at Cooks Exchange (SM Megamall) a couple of months ago and which Sam had already forgotten. Actually, had I not cleaned out a drawer after a pack of sprinkles burst inside it, I may not have remembered the silicone pop pan either.

What does a pop pan look like? Like any other pan with cavities in different shapes. The difference is that there is a place where the sticks can be inserted.

Like this.

Our pop pan has rather large cavities. Long ones because the shape is of overlapping stars. I wanted to make cake pops because a cookie that large would most likely be too heavy to hold with a stick. But Sam wanted cookie pops, not cake pops, and I obliged.

I made vanilla sugar cookie dough (recipe here)…

Sam filled the cavities…

… inserted the sticks and into the oven went the pan.

As I had anticipated, the cookies were too heavy. When lifted by the sticks, they cracked. Moreover, we made a mistake in filling the cavities to the brim. We shouldn’t have done that. The cookie dough should be have been slightly lower than the height of the cavities.

Since we had enough cookie dough to make three batches, we had a chance for a take two and even a take three. Sam decided to go into a totally different direction.

She pressed cookie dough to cover the bottom of the cavities then sprinkled chopped roasted walnuts over the dough.

Sam pressed the nuts lightly into the dough.

Adding nuts to the cookie dough was a brilliant idea but adding chocolate droplets was even more inspired.

Nuts and chocolate in place, Sam covered them with more cookie dough, pressing down to pack everything together quite firmly. And into the oven went the pop pan once again — this time, with no more sticks.

When the second batch came out, we tasted them and we knew we had a winner.

Magnificent vanilla sugar cookies stuffed with walnuts and chocolate. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

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