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The Only 5 Kitchen Tools You Really Need… Or Not wok, wooden chopping board, cleaver, bamboo steamer

There’s an article in Wired about the only five kitchen tools you really need. Surprisingly, the list included a thermometer and a cheese grater. My eyebrow shot up and… cheese grater? Really? Perhaps, the guy meant a multi-purpose grater?

After the initial shock, I had to concede that what is essential depends on the cooking culture one observes as well as the personal preferences of the cook. I mean, an Italian cook cannot do without a cheese grater but a cheese grater would be considered merely ornamental in a traditional Asian kitchen. In fact, I don’t see how a cheese grater and a thermometer would fit in an African kitchen.

The article also lists a chef’s knife as THE KNIFE that does just about everything from cutting to slicing to boning. Really? The Chinese constitute a large chunk of the global population and they don’t use chef’s knives — they use heavy duty cleavers that can cut through the bone. Can a chef’s knife do that? I didn’t think so. Considering that Chinese cuisine is one of the most widely embraced around the world, well, that kinda makes the argument in favor of the essential nature of a chef’s knife rather ironic.

As for the thermometer, well… it’s convenient, yes. I own one — an oven thermometer that Speedy gave me recently because the numbers around the temperature knob of the oven had started to wear off. But I haven’t taken the thermometer out of its package — yet. Thing is, when you spend enough time in the kitchen, not having a thermometer does not necessarily mean you have to guess how hot the cooking oil is or whether the roast is done. You just know.

After realizing ALL THAT, the article seemed sillier and falsely authoritative than ever as it sought to impose a universal standard for what is necessary and what is not, and I wasn’t even sure if the author cooks at all.

Well, anyway, according to my personal preference, there are six kitchen tools I cannot do without. Unlike the Wired writer, however, I will not say that they should be your essential kitchen tools as well. I’m using my own photos too — not something lifted from someone’s Flickr account.

A wooden chopping board, a cleaver, a wok (good for stir frying, deep frying, braising, boiling…) and a bamboo steamer. The two other musts for me which are not in the photos — a turner and a sandok.

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