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  1. Marie

    I will surely be eating at this place when I go home to Manila for a visit in February. *drool*

  2. auee

    I’ve been taking notes of your recommended places akala mo. In the hope that when my family goes on holiday in Pinas, we can do some food tripping too! Food lover din kasi hubby ko.  Plus most of your recommendations are places where we can also do some sightseeing on the side… way to go!

  3. mia

    sassy, the photos in the beginning of this post don’t show.  i can only view the dining table pic.

  4. faith

    great reviews! tried viesux chalet because of your review. made one boring evening great and personally , i discovered the fun in checking out new places! tuloy, di na ko satisfied with common (commercial) restos. Have you tried Cafe Juanita? in pasig. like viuex chalet, it has a nostalgic feel there….food is great too…how about chateau verde in UP? garden feel naman dun….sarap din ng food.

  5. Connie

    mia, yah, i noticed just now. will fix it. dang, i wonder what happened na naman.

    hi jamie. let me see if i can re-create the forum.

    faith, cafe juanita, not yet. chateau verde, yes, i have a review in this blog. smile