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The art of photographing liquid pour

Believe it or not, photographing liquid pour and splash is a specialty. In alcohol advertising, photographers who can capture those tiny drops of liquid as they splash in mid-air make a lot of money. I have a daughter, Sam, who will be a professional photographer soon and she should know that. If she can capture water splash for her own amusement (see some of the water splash images she took out of boredom), she can learn to refine her skills (tutorials like this are helpful) and make big bucks. Maybe Alex the theater major can earn from water splash photos too (see her water splash images).

Me? I’m not going to be a professional photographer. At least, not in the same sense. I’m happy enough to be able to take decent photos for this blog. I don’t think I’m so great at it but I’m not so bad at it either. I don’t think I have too many splash photos but photos of pouring liquid, I have hundreds of. The question of whether my liquid pour photos lean more toward the good or the bad made me rake through the food photos in my hard drive. Here are eleven of them taken from January to March 2011. Tell me which you like best.

Photographing liquid pour: making limoncello cocktail drink

Photographing liquid pour: drizzling frosting on cupcakes

Photographing liquid pour: making chocolate souffle

Photographing liquid pour: batter onto crepe pan

Photographing liquid pour: water over chicken and sausages

Photographing liquid pour: beaten eggs over mushrooms

Photographing liquid pour: beer over pork hock

Photographing liquid pour: cream over spinach

Photographing liquid pour: whipped cream over coffee

Photographing liquid pour: broth over tomatoes

Photographing liquid pour: melted butter over flour

For the recipe/article that goes with each photo:

Photo 1#: Minty double lemon euphoria
Photo 2#: How to make uniform-sized cupcakes and muffins
Photo 3#: Chocolate souffle
Photo 4#: Crêpes with apricot jam and syrup
Photo 5#: Jambalaya-inspired chicken and sausage rice
Photo 6#: Mushroom omelet with English muffins
Photo 7#: A la schweinshaxe (German-style roasted pork knuckle)
Photo 8#: Creamed spinach
Photo 9#: Killer coffee (totally unrelated to slimming)
Photo 10#: Arroz con pollo (rice with chicken)
Photo 11#: That’s a photo from the potato gnocchi recipe that I’ve totally forgotten to post. Sorry. Next time.

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