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Surprisingly great loot from our midnight shopping

Since my mother arrived on Thursday, she had been talking about the free McDonald’s meals she was entitled to from her credit card purchases. Apparently, there’s a promo that for every single purchase of so much, there’s a free McDonald’s meal somewhere. But since the freebies have to be personally claimed, no one wanted to make an effort to drive to McDonald’s. I mean, there’s so much food in the house already anyway.

But on Saturday evening, we had to drive down to the city for Alex’s art supplies. Since we were already outside, my mother said we could claim her McDonald’s freebies. Yes, plural, as she had accumulated the equivalent of four Big Macs or something. I figured it would practically mean free dinner for everyone but Sam wanted to eat wonton noodle soup at Causeway and the doting grandmother said she’s treat us to dinner at Causeway and then claim the McDonald’s freebies afterward. I wondered where in our stomachs we could fit all the food but then it would really be a waste not to claim the freebies so we all agreed it was a good plan.

Between Causeway and McDonald’s, however, we had to squeeze in our grocery shopping. Among the grocery items we bought were some things that turned out to be so surprisingly good. The first is Mogu Mogu, bottled fruit juice with bits of nata de coco. Sam put three bottles in the grocery cart and I didn’t even know we bought them until we got home. She said she buys Mogu-mogu at the convenience store near their school and she urged us to try them because they were really good.

She’s right. They are very good.

Among the three flavors — orange, strawberry and lychee — Speedy and I liked lychee the best.

Mogu Mogu is a Thai product.

Another brand that’s been making a strong appearance in the grocery (at least, in Shopwise) is Casino. French. Among its products are dried pasta, spreads, dips…

… crackers topped with dark chocolate. Alex wanted to try the Mention Bien chocolate noir and we bought a box.

Oooh la la. Magnifico! Alex says she likes Mark’s & Spencer crackers better though.

Now, this post started with McDonald’s so let me end it with McDonald’s.

How was the food? Well, Big Macs ain’t so big as they used to be. The fried chicken has much thicker coating than it did 10 years ago. Sad. McDonald’s used to have good fried chicken.

Marketing strategy is the same. Lure the kids with toys.

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