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Summer used to mean outdoor activities

Summer used to mean outdoor activities |

Over the past few months, water supply in our subdivision is cut off at night and I have been unable to invite my mother, who lives in the city, to spend a few days with us this summer as she requires running water 24/7. I told her about our water situation and, just yesterday, she offered to give us one of her overhead water tanks. She didn’t really need two tanks, she said, since she has running water 24/7. Then, she called about half an hour ago to say that she heard over the radio that rain or no rain, water rationing in Metro Manila will start next week because La Mesa Dam is dry so she was temporarily taking back her offer to give us one of her overhead water tanks. How fast our fortunes changed. :neutral:

Some summer we’re having, eh? Summer means vacation. It also means outdoor activities. Used to, at least. I’ve never been anywhere this summer where people didn’t talk about the terrible heat. Even the young neighborhood children who used to play outdoors practically all day during the past summers are rarely out. They have become vampire-like, in fact, coming out only after sunset when the temperature is more comfortable.

In my house, outdoor activities this summer has been limited to outdoor cooking. We’ve been doing a fair amount of grilling (that’s chicken tikka in the photo) but only after sundown as grilling under the sun is no fun. I wonder how much longer before we get a real break from this killer heat.

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