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Speedy’s chicken burgers

I’m not so sure if I’ve mentioned before that we have a “Sunday arrangement” in the house. I don’t cook on Sundays. Or, at least, that was the agreement between my husband and myself. He’s supposed to do the cooking on Sundays. From cheese omelets to fried hotdogs and eggs, he can now cook wonderful pork chops and nilagang baka too. But prior to last Sunday, I really can’t remember when it was that he last cooked a Sunday meal. What I do remember is that we have been going out most Sundays so that his cooking assignment had been limited to breakfast. And that often meant thawing some cold cuts from the fridge and putting them on the table. chicken burgers

Well, there was no lusot for him last Sunday. He didn’t want to go out because he wanted to watch the Pacquiao-Morales bout. Bright and early Sunday morning, I asked him what he would like me to thaw from the freezer. I told him we had a rolled pork for roasting, beef short ribs, ground chicken, three kinds of fish… He asked if we had hotdogs and I said no, we didn’t.

Anyway, he made chicken burgers for lunch from a couple of packs of ground chicken that I bought a few days earlier. He even went on a quick trip to the grocery because we were out of eggs and bread crumbs (of course, he didn’t want to make his own bread crumbs). Oh, he got back in time to cook the chicken burgers and to watch the boxing thingy. He had no help from me. And arranging the burgers with the lettuce and the sliced tomatoes was his doing. I’m proud of him, really. :)

As with the pork chops, I can’t tell you exactly how he cooked the burgers but, based on the mess that he left after cooking, he mixed the ground chicken with a couple of beaten eggs, chopped onion and garlic, salt, pepper and fine breadcrumbs. And he fried the burgers in butter. They were wonderful. :)

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