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SPAM tocino spam-tocino

One thing about SPAM — Speedy is obsessed with it. When we heard of tocino-flavored SPAM and friends started posting photos of the product on Facebook, Speedy was more than a little bit livid that no one bothered saying where to buy it because it certainly wasn’t available in our part of the hinterlands. Speedy had looked. He had scanned the shelves of every supermarket and grocery in our suburban town but SPAM tocino proved elusive. Then, after so many weeks, a miracle.

He came home one day waving a can of SPAM. The smile on his face… well, it was a testament to his undying love for SPAM. A good thing too that he finally found it because SPAM tocino is “limited edition” and, as of today, it is no longer listed on SPAM’s website.

What’s with SPAM tocino anyway?

Next to the Hawaiians, Filipinos are probably the biggest SPAM lovers. And tocino — marinated sweet pork — is an iconic Filipino dish. Combine the two and it’s irresistible.

So, how was the SPAM tocino? spam-tocino2

Let me say at this point that SPAM tocino comes with specific cooking instructions. It’s cooked the traditional tocino way — cook in water and oil until the water has evaporated, then fry in the oil.

The result?

SPAM tocino is sweet, of course, as tocino goes. Did we like it? No, we didn’t. We missed the trademark SPAM saltiness. In all that sweetness, that basic flavor that makes SPAM what it is got lost. And the cooking instructions ensured soggy slices of SPAM on the plate.

Will we buy it again? Even assuming that it will continue to be available, no, we won’t. We were just curious, we tried it and that’s that. Nothing to miss and nothing to crave for.

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