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Social media almost killed the Catholic no-meat Fridays and no-meat Lents practice

Social media almost killed the Catholic no-meat Fridays and no-meat Lents practice | casaveneracion.com

The year is starting hilariously with good news and bad news. A couple of days ago, news exploded all over the internet that the Catholic Pope has declared in a speech that there is no “literal hell”, no Adam and Eve, that “all religions are true” and that the Bible is outdated. And I felt that if I had been present when that speech was delivered, I would have given the old man an hour-long standing ovation. A lot of other things went through my mind including how such a declaration would affect eating habits of Catholics. If there is no hell and the Bible is outdated, what happens to the Catholic belief that it’s sinful to eat meat on Fridays? What about fasting?

Before more possible repercussions could form in my head, bad news followed the good news. Someone from the National Catholic Register is now claiming that the no-hell-no-Adam-and-Eve speech is a hoax. The speech was never delivered and those words were never uttered. The original article was a satire which got reproduced in the entertainment section of another website and, as usual, the share-button-happy social network population started circulating it as real news.

Not that I care; I’ve turned atheist afters years of agnosticism following decades of being a good Catholic. It’s just really funny. Social networks, especially Twitter and Facebook, are such rumor mills where people share without checking facts. But what’s even more hilarious is how some mainstream media sites like CBC News Canada fell into the same trap.

So, for you who believe in no-meat-Fridays and no-meat-Lents, I have a good tip. A rice recipe that won’t leave you craving even if you pair it with the plainest vegetable dish. Cooked with garlic and saffron and meat broth, then garnished with parsley and fresh lime juice. Go get the recipe for my garlic and saffron rice.

The stock photo of delectable kebobs on the grill is from Pixabay.

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