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So how does one start packing while nursing a four-inch surgical incision?

We were at the doctor’s late yesterday afternoon for my post-surgical check-up and he said the incision is healing nicely and won’t be requiring any more bandages. If he only knew… The bandages had been off for days. What could I do? The past few days had been terribly hot and the adhesives were making my skin itch. Besides, the day I started cooking again — and sweating like hell — the adhesives started to peel off. Speedy made me promise to put on fresh dressing for the check-up because “Pagagalitan ka ng doktor (The doctor will scold you).” So I took pains dressing up the incision — with symmetrical strips of surgical tape and all. And the doctor said I didn’t need them anymore. :roll:

But the truth is, although getting up is no longer such a face-contorting effort, the discomfort is still there. I feel sore and stiff alternately in the area where the incision is. And I was honest enough to tell the doctor that we’re moving in a few weeks and there’s a lot of packing to do. He specifically said I cannot lift heavy boxes and it was such a blessing in disguise because who wants to lift boxes of books and dinner plates anyway? Speedy told the doctor that incision or no incision, I wouldn’t lift heavy boxes anyway. Hmmm… I remember lifting some when we moved to this house so I’m sure he was exaggerating and making the doctor think I am such a señorita at home.

Anyway… some genius quipped a long time ago that the first step is always the hardest. But once made, the rest is easier. The first step in the packing drama has yet to be taken and no one seems to want to start. We already told the girls that they have to start now before the school year begins because their schedules will get very hectic pretty soon. But the boxes are still sitting in the garage and no one’s made any effort at all.

So, maybe, I’ll make the first step. I’ve even come up with nice guidelines and a timetable.

Day 1 – Sort out everything and decide which can be discarded right now. It isn’t smart to pack EVERYTHING then decide after moving that half the things we packed were things we meant to get rid off anyway. So, sort out all the stuff. And do the packing room by room. Start with the most cluttered rooms.

Day 2 – Start with the bedroom. Throw out Speedy’s collection of nails and screws and nuts and bolts that he keeps deep inside his closet. Oh, yes, he’s such a hoarder. Junk

Day 3 – Next is the living room area and the cabinets with Speedy’s collection of unused T-shirts, baseball caps, etcetera. THROW OUT EVERYTHING THAT HAS NOT SEEN THE LIGHT OF DAY IN THE LAST TWO OR THREE YEARS. Told you, Speedy’s a hoarder.

DAY 4 – Speedy’s study area. Never mind what’s inside the empty cans of SPAM (oh, yes, he loves to collect them). Throw them all out. Well, unless there are coins in them, in which case I can keep the coins and then throw out the cans. Speedy's junk

Day 5 – The garage. Oh, this is my pet peeve. An old aquarium full of Speedy’s junk — old calendars and other unrecognizable objects which, according to him, are car tools and supplies. Huh?

Day 6 – By this time, the house will be spacious and airy and packing won’t seem so daunting. Start organizing. What does that mean — “organizing”? Oh, I don’t know yet. I will have figured it out by then. :mrgreen:

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