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The smart (and easy) way to make uniformly-sized and shaped burgers

The smart (and easy) way to make uniformly-sized and shaped burgers |

We love sandwiches at home and we especially adore burgers. And when I say “burger”, I don’t mean grocery-bought patties that had already been seasoned and shaped. They’re convenient, no doubt, but there’s no way to know the ratio between lean meat and fat. And that ratio is so important if one is to cook great rather than so-so burgers. A minimum of 20 per cent fat in the ground meat mixture is a good starting point. The fat acts as a natural binder to keep the patty in one piece during cooking. The fat keeps the burger moist and juicy. The fat adds so much flavor to the burger too.

So, we make our own burger mix at home. Speedy has his own recipe, I have mine, Alex does too and even vegetarian Sam has her own ideas about how to make tasty meatless patties. A few days ago, Alex decided to go beyond what goes into our burgers. She wanted to try a technique for making uniformly-sized and shaped burgers. She did an experiment and the results were spectacular. All it took was a long sheet of cling film, patience and an extremely sharp knife.

It starts with the burger mixture, of course. There are countless ways to season burger mix but that’s not really the focus of this post. This is about making uniformly-sized and shaped burgers. The recipes will come later.

When you have prepared the burger mix, form it into a log and position at the center of a large piece of cling film. Roll the cling film around the meat then take one end and twist it tightly.

Holding the other end of the cling film, lift the log so that it is standing vertically. The opposite side has already been closed so there’s no danger that the parcel will get undone. With one hand holding the untwisted end of the cling film securely, tap the log on the work surface to make it compact. Then, twist the unsealed end while pushing the meat downward to compress the burger mix even more. Roll the log again to make sure that it is evenly shaped.

Once you have a tightly packed log of burger mix, place it in the fridge overnight. You want the fat to harden to make slicing easier. There simply is no short cut for this stage. The meat has to be chilled sufficiently. Otherwise, all the preparations will just go to waste.

The smart (and easy) way to form uniformly-sized and shaped burgers

When you’re ready to cook, start heating the grill before you even take the meat out of the fridge. And don’t forget to brush or spray the grill with oil — even if it’s non-stick.

Take a super sharp knife and start slicing the meat log. There is no need to unwrap it. Just peel off the strips of cling wrap after cutting.

Of course, the first slice won’t be perfectly formed. But the next ones can be if you do the slicing correctly. If you want to be completely OC, you can use a measuring tape and mark the cling wrap where you will cut through the log. How thick the burgers ought to be is up to you. We like our burgers to be somewhere between three-quarters to an inch thick.

Slice the log using a see-saw motion. And, as you cut, roll the log slowly so that the pressure from your hand and knife does not flatten any part of the log for too long which results in an uneven circle.

Once you’ve cut your patties, they’re ready for the grill. See how I grill my burgers. Alex employs the same technique.

The smart (and easy) way to form uniformly-sized and shaped burgers

The burgers in the first and second photos of this post came from the same log of burger mix — they were just dressed up differently. There are recipes to go with them but I’ll reserve that for another time.

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