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Slow Cooker Congee With Sausage and Egg



Day-old rice was dumped in the slow cooker with bone broth for the most delicious congee ever. Topped with browned sausage meat, poached egg and fried garlic, it made a delicious breakfast!

Slow Cooker Congee With Sausage and Egg

Hot on the heels of the post about cooking congee minus the myths, I’m addressing one aspect I missed. Can cooked rice be transformed into congee? The short answer is yes. The more detailed answer is below with a recipe for cooking a most delicious breakfast.

In Asia, our default way of dealing with day-old rice is to turn it into fried rice. That’s why fried rice is such a popular breakfast item. Whatever rice was left from the previous night’s meal is recycled for breakfast so it doesn’t get wasted. And cooking fried rice is a delicious way to avoid being wasteful.

The thing is, making fried rice isn’t the only delicious way to salvage leftover rice. Cooking congee is another option.

Slow Cooker Congee With Sausage and Egg Recipe

In this recipe, a popular Filipino breakfast of fried rice, sausage (longganiza) and egg is repackaged into congee with the sausage and egg served on top along with fried garlic and sliced scallions.

Think of it as longsilog re-imagined.

How to Make Slow Cooker Congee With Sausage and Egg

Slow Cooker Congee With Sausage and Egg

Leftover rice is transformed into congee in the slow cooker and served topped with fried sausage meat and poached egg.
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Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: Filipino
Keyword: congee, rice
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 hours
Servings: 4 people
Author: Connie Veneracion


For the congee

  • 2 cups cooked rice short or medium-grain rice will yield the best results
  • 4 to 6 cups bone broth preferably well seasoned
  • salt to taste

To complete the dush

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Make the congee

  • Crumble the rice into the slow cooker.
  • Pour in the broth.
  • Set the slow cooker to LOW and cook the rice for ten hours.
  • Taste and stir in salt, as needed.

Cook the sausages

  • Skin the sausages and discard the casings.
  • Crumble the sausage meat and spread on the bottom of a frying pan.
  • Cook the sausage meat over medium heat until fat is rendered. Turn up the heat to high and continue cooking until the meat is browned and lightly crisp around the edges. Scoop out. You may reserve the fat for another use.

Complete the dish

  • Ladle hot congee into bowls.
  • Top with egg, sausage meat, scallions and garlic.
  • Serve at once.


Ten hours in the slow cooker will turn the rice and broth into a mushy congee with the rice grains almost invisible. If you want a silkier and smoother congee, cook for another two hours. If you prefer the rice grains to remain whole, cook for no longer than four hours.
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How to Make Slow Cooker Congee With Sausage and Egg